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Producent: Asics
Kod produktu: T6J1N 9607

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335 g
10 mm
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47 EURO/11,5 UK/12,5 US/30 cm Magazyn Cieszyn 320,60 zł

Run trails your way in a men’s trail shoe that's built for varied conditions and all types of runners. The GEL-FUJITRABUCO 5 has the trio of features every trail runner looks for in a shoe: protection, traction and stability.

Get the support you need with harder-density sloped SpEVA technology on both sides – ideal for stability when running downhill or on uneven ground. And stay protected from sharp rocks with a hard-density but lightweight 1.5mm protection plate and durable mesh that won’t tear.

  • Protect your feet with a rock-blocking plate and a durable mesh that won’t tear
  • Get great grip and stability over both mild and unpredictable terrain with a hard-density sole
  • Run long distances with a lightweight, flexible design and comfortable upper
normalna - zwiększona
Rozdíl výšky pata-špička
10 mm
335 g

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