Asics Moving Sprinter Tight Black


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Standardowa cena: 171,10 zł - Zaoszczędzisz: 86,50 zł
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Asics Moving Sprinter Tight Black M Magazyn 84,60 zł
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Fitting like a second skin for high-speed aerodynamic performance and comfort, these ASICS Men's Sprinter Short Tights are made from a soft stretch knit fabric, which is not only soft but offers excellent moisture-wicking to keep you cool and comfortable. The seams are flatlocked so nothing interrupts air flow outside or chafes even on long runs. Plus a useful invisible pocket is hidden at the front. Nothing gets in the way of ultimate speed with these sprinters' essentials.

Stay aerodynamic thanks to a sleek outline with a snug fit
Move freely with soft, stretch-knit fabric
Keep your valuables safe in a hidden pocket

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